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We bring you a variety of pre-arranged boards all over California. We source the highest-quality foods to bring you perfectly-paired, impeccably-sourced assortments that are delightfully simple to send.

What The Churro JOYBOARD Includes:

24 Mini Churros 
Nutella Dipping Sauce
Lechera Dipping Sauce. 

SERVES 12-15

 How to Unpack your Board

  • Upon arrival, place in the refrigerator. For optimal enjoyment eat within 5 days. 
  • At least one hour before serving, remove your board from the refrigerator. Remove box lid and lay flat all corners. 

Churro Heating Instructions:

Bake them hot and fast, on 375F for 15  minutes on a rack in a cookie sheet. Till you see them bubbling. Then pull and roll in a white sugar/cinnamon mixer and eat ASAP.



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